Whole genome analysis calls for a taxonomic rearrangement of the genus Colwellia.

Microbial taxonomy is the inspiration of microbiology and fast developments in DNA sequencing applied sciences are offering new approaches to handle prevailing questions on this discipline. The household Colwelliaceae, which at the moment includes 4 genera, is a various and globally plentiful group of Gamaproteobacteria.

Based on 14 publically accessible genomes of micro organism strains labeled as family members Colwelliaceae, phylogenomic analyses have been performed to revisiting the taxonomic standing of this household each within the genus and species degree.

Using genome-based phylogeny as a main guideline and genome-based similarity indexes together with common amino acid id, proportion of conserved proteins, common nucleotide id, and the digital DNA-DNA hybridization as dietary supplements, the next taxonomic proposals have been proposed: Colwellia polaris, Colwellia beringensis, Colwellia sediminilitoris, Colwellia aestuarii, Colwellia chukchiensis and Colwellia mytili must be reclassified into the novel genus Cognaticolwellia; Colwellia agarivorans must be reclassified into the novel genus Pseudocolwellia.

Our outcomes represent a strong framework for present and future taxonomic choices inside this household, which shall be useful for avoiding confusion with ecological and evolutionary interpretations in subsequent research.

Emendation of circumscriptions of taxa in the Lists of Changes in Taxonomic Opinion.

In the previous three years, numerous emendations of circumscriptions of species, subspecies and better taxa have been revealed outdoors the International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology (IJSEM) that solely marginally modify the sooner circumscription and should not meet the necessities of Rule 35 of the International Code of Nomenclature of Prokaryotes.

Thus far, these emendations have been included within the Lists of Changes in Taxonomic Opinion within the IJSEM. The checklist editors suggest to checklist sooner or later solely significant emendations that of their opinion considerably modify the diagnostic characters or the circumscription of taxa.

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